Cain International

18th October 2021

What's Next for Real Estate?

Many predicted that real estate would be hit hardest by the pandemic, but matters turned out differently. Although de-urbanization caused some major cities to devalue in the short term, most of the housing market across the US turned hot. Perhaps the fear of institutional investor involvement was overplayed? This panel will explore what the trend of a more mobile and dispersed workforce may mean for commercial real estate. And how will a push toward greater climate sustainability play into construction and development?

Cain International's CIO, Ellen Brunsberg, speaks at the 2021 Milken Institute's Global Conference alongside:

Dana Hamilton, Head of Real Estate and Senior Managing Director, Pretium
John Murray, Portfolio Manager, Global Head of Private Commercial Real Estate, PIMCO
Robin Potts, Co-Head of Real Estate Investments and Director of Acquisitions, Canyon Partners Real Estate
David Warren, CEO, Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner, DW Partners
Diana Olick, Real Estate Correspondent, CNBC (moderator)

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