Cain International

Alexa Baviello

Executive Team Assistant, U.S. Legal

Alexa joined Cain International in March 2022 as an executive assistant for the legal team. She brings over five years of experience in administrative support and operations management.

Before joining Cain International, Alexa worked for Panagram Structured Asset Management as an executive assistant and office manager, where she was responsible for providing professional and personal support for c-suite executives and ran the daily operations of the office. Prior to Panagram, Alexa worked for Eldridge as a senior associate, where she was responsible for supporting the structured products division of the investments team. Panagram is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eldridge.

Alexa holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration and a Bachelor of Arts in communication, with a focus on personal and professional development from SUNY Geneseo. Alexa is a commissioned Notary Public in The State of New York.

New York